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    DSP Air Fryer 2.5Litter

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    DSP Air Fryer:

    The Healthy Air Fryer from DSP is the perfect addition to any home looking to eat healthily, easily. With its 2.5  liter capacity, the Heath Fry offers fast and convenient frying and uses less energy than conventional fryers. The rapid air-circulate cooking system saves precious minutes from cooking times and the convection circulation allows for even heat distribution meaning you can enjoy convenient, fried foods but with up to 80% less fat which will, in turn, make your food fresh healthier and maintains the taste.

    Using Dsp Air fryer in your junk food that requires frying, like French fries, chicken, etc will turn your junk food into healthy food. No need to maintain a diet now. just buy this Health Fryer and live a long healthy life  Health fryer utilizes 1350 W Temperature control 80 – 200 degrees Celsius.

    Healthy cooking uses little or no oil in the process, which is the secret behind healthy food. This will all reduce Up to 80 percent less fat with the same great taste. Rapid air circulate system – allows faster cooking and saves energy. 2.5L Capacity serves a 5-minute timer with a bell. Easy-Clean and dishwasher-safe parts make it perfect for home as well as commercial usage. An intelligent Cooking system provides hotkeys for each kind of food.

    Fast, easy, safe & environmentally friendly.
    Reduces fat quantity in your food
    Keeps food healthier & fresh.
    Come with an Adjustable thermostat button.

    • Best for frying Chicken, potatoes fries etc
    • Blows hot air over the food
    • Dishwasher-safe parts for a quick and easy clean up
    • Reduces fat quantity in your food
    • Stay cool exterior walls so the fryer is always safe to touch!
    • Makes a crispy layer on your food.
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